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Gwinnett County Special Olympics is the agency that operates the Special Olympics program in Gwinnett County.  Our program supports more than 2,000 athletes of all ages including in-school children as well as a large number of adults with disabilities. We also have programs that include unified sports activities with non disabled participants. Our program provides uniforms, transportation, sports facilities and equipment for these athletes.


We also run competitions such as track and field meets and training sessions for a wide variety of sports including softball, swimming, golf, tennis, track & field, weight lifting, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, bowling, ice skating, roller skating, floor hockey, plus developmental sports for those with severe disabilities.  We rely sole on financial support and volunteers from our local community to operate this program.  


Many people confuse our local Special Olympics program in Gwinnett County with the State-wide program of Special Olympics Georgia and the national program, Special Olympics International.  While we are affiliated with these programs, we are the self-supporting local agency that provides Special Olympics activities for the athletes who live in Gwinnett County.  We must raise the funds for this program; contributions to the state and national programs suppport the higher level activities that only a very few of our athletes can attend.  The majority of the athletes who participate do so on the local level and it is our responsibility to fund and manage those opportunites as well as provide the registration fees for those athletes who participate at the higher level competitions.  Our local committee is made up of volunteers including teachers, parents, and community leaders and 100% of any money raised is spent on Gwinnett County athletes.

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