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Bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller target or object ball called the pallina. There are four balls to a side of team, and they are generally made in two colors to distinguish the balls of one team from those of the opposing team.  

The pallina is rolled to start the game. The player tossing the pallina must roll the first ball. The opposing team will then deliver the bocce balls. The side whose ball is closest to the pallina is awarded 1 point for each ball closer to the pallina then the opposing team. (Ball delivery is rolling, tossing, bouncing, banking and rolling down the ramp.)

ES, MS, HS            Moderate, Severe & Profound

(Moderate & Mild class may participate in AREA event, if they intend to participate at State level competitions.)


Basketball Game has the same general rules as traditional basketball.  We make modifications to play based on the level of play. Time modifications are made.


MS, HS            Moderate & Mild

Basketball Team Skills will use a women’s basketball or junior basketball.  Mark five spots around the floor.  The game is comprised of two halves consisting of five rounds each.  Players will be given one opportunity at each of the five positions during the half.  Each player on the first five-member team attempts to catch the ball and then throws it accurately to the player stationed at the next position. (Chest pass and / or bounce pass)  Teams receive 1 point for each correct pass, a point for each successful catch and 2 points for each successful field goal.  A bonus of 1 point awarded for each completed successful round of passing and catching.  The maximum points that can be accumulated by a single team during one half is 55.

ES, MS, HS            Moderate & Mild


​Bowling has the same general rules as traditional bowling. Ramps are used when needed.

ES, MS, HS            Mild, Moderate, Severe & Profound


Floor Hockey Game has rules similar to ice hockey. Please check with me if you are interested in participating in this sport. 


 MS, HS            Mild & Moderate


Floor Hockey Skills has 3 skill centers based on the fundamentals of the game. Skills include, but are not limited to striking, aiming and team play.


 ES, MS, HS            Mild & Moderate


Volleyball has the same general rules, however we use punch balloons, beach balls, trainer ball and volleyballs.

ES, MS, HS            Mild, Moderate, Severe and Profound


Soccer Game has the same general rules as traditional soccer. Some rules and time modification have been applied to this event.

ES, MS, HS            Mild, Moderate


Soccer Skills is an individual skills competition, designed specifically for lower ability students that cannot participate in Soccer game. Individual events are dribbling, shooting, running and kicking.

ES, MS, HS            Mild, Moderate, Severe and Profound


Track and Field consist of running, softball throw and long jump. We make modification to fit all level of play. High School event will include other events very similar to regular track and field events.


ES, MS, HS            Mild, Moderate, Severe and Profound

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